Coming of Age Set: Part 2 “Freaks and Geeks”

“You got your “freak” in my “Geek”
“Well, you got your “Geek” and my “Freak”!

In part two of the Pop Banzai “Coming of Age” set, Jay and Trav are joined by the comedic-punk rocking-freak, Heidi, to discuss the 1999-2000 18 episode arc of the show “Freaks and Geeks”. In addition to discussing the importance of archetypes in “Coming of Age” tales, the Banzai squad discusses their own puberty woos and answers age old questions like who is funnier Bill Murray or Steve Martin.

Pop Banzai
Pop Banzai
Coming of Age Set: Part 2 "Freaks and Geeks"

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